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Training Testimonials

I truly enjoyed working with Ms. Amie Martin in my recent endeavor, aesthetic training. I have a true admiration for her professionalism, exactness, as well as for her endearing personality. She was taking her time to perfect my skills and to ensure that I along with the patients were in good care. In my confidence, all of my patient's left with high gratitude and I am sure that they will return to the office for more treatments. I plan on working with her in the near future to perfect my technique even further. Thank you Amie!


Anna Nowobilska, M.D. 

Amie has been the best injectables teacher I’ve had the privilege of learning from. It’s clear she has a passion for what she does and a love for teaching and passing on her vast knowledge of injectables. Amie is extremely calming and approachable, and made me feel at ease immediately. She thoroughly explains the science behind injectable products and injection technique with detail and clarity- far better than any formal training I had received. As a new injector, I really appreciated the time she took with me, making sure I was comfortable and had a good understanding of how to use these products in a safe and effective manner. I hope that I will be able to work with Amie in more depth to continue to hone my skills and develop my technique.


Lauren Meade, PA

I was fortunate to have attended Amie’s training at our practice as a model.   My position is Director of Marketing and Patient Relations… so I have absolutely no medical knowledge, yet I can truly say that even I learned a lot during her time with our injectors.  Not only did she teach them new and advanced techniques using different brands of products, but also gave advice on topics from consultations and managing patient expectations, using before and after photos to help build your patient base, through handling less than pleased patients.  That was a real value to me, as I often answer questions when potential patients call for information on what we offer at our practice before booking an appointment.

Thank you, Amie!


Lynn Warren, Director of Marketing

and Patient Relations

Smith Cosmetic & Laser Center

I have been a PA for almost 10 years, and have never experienced training courses like Amie's. Her passion for educating others in the field of aesthetics is inspiring. Amie travels the world to gain the most relevant information in the field of aesthetics and openly shares this with other providers to ensure the safest, most desired outcome for all patients. Advancing Medical Aesthetics gives you all of the tools to become an incredible injector, and Amie’s mentoring program, Botox Queens is what truly sets her apart. The ability to shadow Amie and other Botox Queens is creating a movement in aesthetics towards education and togetherness that hasn’t existed before. I recommend Amie to anyone whether they are looking for novice courses, or to further advance their skills.


Rachel Komornik, PA-C 

Amazing training program taught by a truly inspirational and engaging instructor!  Amie Martin is an expert in the field of aesthetics and has dedicated many years to perfecting her techniques.  This course has given me all the tools needed to begin my career in aesthetics.   Amie is a dedicated, hands-on instructor who is sincerely invested in her student’s success.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in this field. 

Lisa Winkleman, RN 

Amie Martin’s training courses laid the foundation for my career in aesthetics, and I could not be more pleased with the experience. 

Amie meticulously covers all aspects of aesthetic injections from the consultation and development of a plan of care, to individualizing treatments to best suit the needs and goals of our patients with an emphasis on patient safety. 

My training with Amie extended far beyond my time in the classroom, as she so graciously and patiently allowed me the opportunity to shadow her and to watch her work her magic in the clinical setting. 

I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable education I received and for the refreshing, friendly, inviting, atmosphere in which it was taught. 

Jessica Jurkovic, RN 
Clinical Director 
Innovative MedSpa 

There are not enough things I can say about the courses and constant continuing education Amie has to offer. First the classes are in a small group setting , which make it feel one on one . Amie is laid back and adds tons of humor to the class that makes it less nerve racking. Her passion for the Aesthetics world comes out in each class. Botox Queens offers shadowing and each injector has a technique to add to your mental library. All the Botox Queens inspire you !! 


Raquel Hartley, RN

I took Amie’s course after a year of her encouragement!

It was the best decision!  Her classes are packed filled with anatomy, hands on training, and safety. She has been my biggest supporter, and the lines of communication are always open.  The learning curve is endless.  Amie is constantly educating and informing us on the newest techniques with toxins, dermal fillers, and safety practices.

Amie is a leader in the aesthetic field. She is a master injector, amazing leader, trainer, women, mother, and friend. She really is an inspiration in all aspects of her life - to all of us.

Nia Gasaway, RN

I went from knowing nothing about injectables to now performing multiple a day. Amie’s approach is not to get you informed and off on your own quickly, but to teach you how to be a safe injector in a step-by-step basis.  You start by learning the anatomy (which is the most important part!) then onto neurotoxins, then to fillers. She is right there with you every step of the way. Amie’s knowledge and experience was the most comforting part of the class. She is an amazing mentor and taking her class was the best decision I made in my career to date! 


Corynn Swedo, RN

Training with Amie was the best!  Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but she’s so fun to be around!  Her energy is truly contagious.  She made me feel comfortable from the very start.  Amie is one of the most dedicated people I’ve met, dedicatedly her field, to her patients, and to her trainees.  Amie is the definition of girl boss and the way she lifts people up is amazing.  I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!  So thankful I met her.


Nicole Catalano, RN

I had the pleasure of learning from Amie Martin during my Advanced Aesthetic course on Injectables.  As Amie has a stellar reputation as being one of the top injectors in Chicago, I was extremely excited to be assigned into her group for instruction. As I soon learned Amie is not only a stellar injector,  she also has an exceptional talent for teaching as well.


 I really benefited from  Amie's approach to teaching us how to interact with a patient from the time they step in the door to the time they leave.  There is a conversation/negotiation that must occur between an injector and a client and Amie taught us great techniques for accomplishing this. This is an important part of learning how to do injectables that was missing from other courses I have taken.


 Next we learned how to assess a clients facial anatomy and make a treatment plan that is specific to their face.  Amie taught us to see facial shadows, hollows, and contours, as well as the more obvious wrinkles. Being aware of how different areas of the face interact to create problem areas allows an injector to treat the true issue and get the highest level of patient satisfaction. 


Amie Martin did an excellent job of teaching us the nuts and bolts of a successful injection. We extensively reviewed the needle angles needed to hit specific muscles. We also learned crosshatching, fanning, and dropping product to the periosteum .  While I was doing my first injections Amie kept an eye on the plunger to control the amount of filler being dispensed so I could focus on using even pressure and withdrawing my needle at the correct speed. This insured a positive result for all our clients despite my lack of experience injecting. With just one day of Amie's instruction I was able to do a liquid face lift and a tear trough correction, as well as many other procedures. This gave me a lot of confidence as a new injector. I believe my time with Amie was extremely valuable and provided me with a great foundation for Aesthetic Injecting education and experience.


I'm happy to verify my testimonial.


Fiona Sievwright RN

Aesthetic Injector, Chicago

I had the opportunity and pleasure of spending an afternoon in class with Amie. Amie is extremely knowledgeable about the "art of injectables" but is also very warm, confident, and gentle. She is a "master of her skill!" 


Laura Sweetow, RN

Where do I begin... Amie is nothing short of an Angel!  She was so incredibly knowledgeable of any topic she taught... and trust me she taught me multiple topics on facial aesthetics.  She is worth every penny (and then some) spent taking her classes.  The amount of knowledge about facial anatomy and SAFTEY that is drilled into your head during each class is such a blessing.  She gave me not only knowledge but also the confidence to go into a new field.  I am able to educate and empower each patient I came in contact with.   The education that I can now give to patients has instilled trust behind my name and has made  me extremely successful right off the bat.  I owe all of this to Amie because she has been there every step of the way answering any questions I may have.  She is a truly amazing woman.  I cannot express my gratitude towards her enough.  
Cheryl Ray, CRNA

Training with Amie has been a wonderful experience.  I took the two-day course and enjoyed every minute of it.  The hands-on portion of the training was extremely helpful.  Amie is incredibly knowledgeable in the world of aesthetics.  She is a great teacher and always willing to share her experience with you.   She is extremely encouraging, supportive, motivating and a wonderful mentor.  

Laurie Malkowski, RN, BSN, CCRN

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