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There are many common misconception about fillers.  They don't have to look "done."  Many people think that fillers are obvious and shy away from them thinking this will be a dead giveaway that they've done something.  The face is art in motion.  It needs to be carefully planned and executed by someone who understands the feminine and masculine nature of the human face.  When patients are in a hurry to achieve a result this may look more obvious that something was done, but we take a casual and natural approach to anti-aging.  It has taken you decades to get to where you are, please don't rush the anti-aging process.  There are several product lines approved by the FDA, and there are more to come.  We prefer products that are reversible...i.e. Juvederm and Restylane.  These are made up of a product called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that is found naturally in the skin and connective tissue.  HA is a polysaccharide (i.e. sugar molecule) that attracts water towards itself.  Some patients experience instant gratification on the day of treatment, but the full result is seen in 2-4 weeks when the product integrates into the surrounding tissue, expands with the hydrophilic property of the product and smooths the skin and highlights shadows caused by wrinkles and folds.  Filler products can be used to create structure and support, fill out volume loss from aging or weight loss, and hydrate the superficial dermis in areas where toxin injectables are useful or appropriate.  Most products have an FDA indication for 12 months or longer, however many patients are ready for treatment sooner than that as the body metabolizes these products at different rates depending on the person, area used in the face, and overall desired correction/result determined by the patient.

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